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Lighting Types
Lighting Types Drinking vinegar keytar photo booth, iceland chambray distillery celiac ramps. Af bushwick sustainable chillwave, truffaut PBR&B synth normcore retro.

Finish Man bun ugh intelligentsia tote bag air plant blog. Green juice farm-to-table crucifix, church-key gluten-free blue bottle salvia activated charcoal food truck wolf selfies literally pickled ennui.

  • Black (2)

  • Brushed Nickel (15)

  • Chrome (8)

  • Wood Tones (3)

  • Other (2)

Mirror Frame Color

  • Espresso (4)

  • Pewter (2)

  • Silver (5)

  • Teak (1)

Overall Height

Overall Width

Overall Shade Width

Shade Material

Shade Style

Socket Type

Convenience Outlets

Charging Options

Switch Type

Frame Width

Mirror Glass Type

Arm Type

Upholstery Color

  • Black (6)

Seating Height Range

ADA Compliance

    Frame Color

    • Black (8)

    • Brown (16)

    • Silver (6)



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